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Study programmes > All studies > Accounting and Finance Management > (in Polish) Rachunkowość i zarządzanie finansami, stacjonarne drugiego stopnia

(in Polish) Rachunkowość i zarządzanie finansami, stacjonarne drugiego stopnia (WZKS-0203-2SO)

(in Polish: Rachunkowość i zarządzanie finansami, stacjonarne drugiego stopnia)
full-time, 2 years
Language: Polish

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) Magisterium na rachunkowości i zarządzaniu finansami

Access to further studies:

education in doctoral school, postgraduate programmes

Professional status:

Graduates have received a comprehensive education in economics and the management of financial, human, and material resources, covering an extended range of subjects and topics in comparison with the first-cycle programme of study. They have been trained how to apply advanced analytical methods to examine economic phenomena and processes, and how to devise models for the development of such processes on the micro- and macroeconomic scales under the conditions of an economy open to international competition. Graduates are expected to be able to design projects, provide consultancy services, and make rational decisions relating to the acquisition and utilisation of resources by private and public companies at home and abroad. This programme provides a training which prepares its graduates for employment in diverse sectors and segments of the European market, and for self-employed commercial activities. Graduates also hold the qualifications required to apply for admission to a third-cycle (doctoral) programme of study.

Course structure diagram: