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Study programmes > All studies > Finance and Controlling > (in Polish) Finanse i controlling, niestacjonarne drugiego stopnia

(in Polish) Finanse i controlling, niestacjonarne drugiego stopnia (WZKS-0202-2NO)

(in Polish: Finanse i controlling, niestacjonarne drugiego stopnia)
part-time, 2 years
Language: Polish

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) Magisterium na finansach i controllingu

Access to further studies:

education in doctoral school, postgraduate programmes

Professional status:

Graduates have acquired a knowledge of the theory and practice of management and related sciences concerning the nature, principles and operational problems of organisations (business companies, public institutions, and state security organisations), and methods for the successful and efficient resolution of such problems. They have been trained in the skills of critical analysis, interpretation and assessment of phenomena and processes over a broad range of management levels, the assessment of the impact of the surroundings on these phenomena and processes, and the drafting and implementing of management decisions, especially strategic decisions. Graduates have the qualifications needed to organise teamwork and manage a team of employees, and for successful communication, negotiation and persuasion. They are qualified for employment as management specialists, senior and intermediate-level managers, advisers and consultants in commercial and public organisations, and to work as self-employed managers in their own businesses. Graduates have the qualifications necessary to undertake research projects and to go on to a third-cycle (doctoral) programme of study.

Course structure diagram: